Recovery And Worse Again

Title: Recovery and Worse again Date: 2008-01-05 12:05 Author: eamonnfaherty Category: misc Slug: recovery-and-worse-again

I went into work yesterday as I felt better. Big mistake! I feel like shit now. I was up nearly all night. I was sick about 8 times. Arghh! I am going to stay in bed until Tuesday now!

In other news, my slug is working wonderfully. is its public address. I am running lighttpd, which seems pretty cool. I found an application call [hellanzb]( It is awesome. Better than the [perlnzb]( application I have been using. The application offers a service which you can connect to using many applications and even a firefox extension. That is the real reason why it is so much better.

Published: January 05 2008

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