Checkstyleas3 Progress

Title: CheckstyleAS3 progress Date: 2008-08-23 12:27 Author: eamonnfaherty Category: development Slug: checkstyleas3-progress

I have committed a version of the project I am happy with. There have been a few changes.

I was deciding whether to parse the body of a method and then use that parsing to build up a model of the method or to use regular expressions per test. I decided to use regular expressions for each test. I think it will make testing and developing easier.

I have the model of the method body ready and I am starting to develop checks for the code.

The latest version is committed into the google svn repository. The development rate of the project should improve now as I have the basic setup all testable and working. Feel free to post some suggestions on tests (at the google issues page :p).

Published: August 23 2008

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