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Title: Good News? Date: 2009-03-23 19:12 Author: eamonnfaherty Category: development Slug: good-news

Hey all,

Sorry I have not posted for a long, long time.

I have been very busy with wedding plans, learning flex and just about keeping up with life in general.

I have been to Flash In The Can, Amsterdam 2009! It was awesome. I was a little skeptical but the talks were inspirational and I am really glad I went. I met a couple of people from Adobe and they seem like really nice people. There was definitely an underlying tone of “Flex is Flash”. Ha Ha! I guess this has come about from the different approach from Adobe and the reaction from developers. The average joe lazy ass actionscripter is shuning flex saying it is not really flash. WTF?!? What idiots.

I am going to be starting up the CheckstyleAS3 project again soon and a new php/flex(which is flash) project.

I will post more details later in the week.

Also, catch me on twitter (eamonnfaherty)


Published: March 23 2009

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