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Title: Hey Ho! Date: 2009-03-26 19:06 Author: eamonnfaherty Category: development Slug: hey-ho

I have been learning Ruby on Rails! I think it is pretty awesome!

I wanted to make a tool for work which helped managing flash releases. We have many projects and releasing individual projects is hard to track and to manage.

I started writing this in Flex but figured I would either need to have a sqllite db on a network drive or have to set up a server to handle the storage of the data. With this in mind I decided to shift my efforts to Ruby on Rails, which is perfect for this kind of stuff. Plus, as it is a back office app, it doesnt matter that it looks crappy (this is not me saying rails creates ugly pages, it is me saying I havent got that far).

I bought the Agile web development with Rails book when it first came out and never got round to reading it. Two or three years later I now think this was a bit of a mistake. The rails framework is great for getting pages up and running quickly with database connectivity. It has great tools for automating the creation of crappy admin apps. The only thing I can compare it to is http://phpforms.net/ which is also a great system.

I am now getting my head around Active Record, which is the area of rails concerned with models and relationships. It is pretty powerful and quite intuitive. I am still struggling getting my relations to propagate right down to the dbms layer. I think I might need some hacking. Oh well, thats it for now. I may be releasing this to the public once it is done but don’t expect it to be bullet proof! Once this is finished I will be starting on another project to help with testing but that is still to come!

Published: March 26 2009

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