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I read this post and it got me thinking.

Learning is probably the most important thing to a developer, it is to me at least. I get a horrible feeling when I am not learning anything. I get bored, frustrated and become a pain to live with. As a developer, if you do not continue learning you will become dusty and will be eventually stuck on a shelf somewhere.

In the last year I have tinkered with Python, Ruby on Rails and Ant. I feel like I have learnt a lot, but I still feel like I am at the edge of a huge iceberg slipping off. I think this is because I haven’t really got into any Actionscript 3D or video programming.

I have decided to freeze the development of Checkstyle AS3 (not that it was going anywhere at the moment) and to freeze the work in Rails in order to pick up on some 3D Actionscript programming. I will be posting updates on what I am doing and will even include some example code (don’t expect it to be bleeding edge!).

As for my life outside of the world of programming, WOW! Not World of Warcraft, WOW! Heather and I are looking for a place to buy for September and the wedding plans are steaming ahead! I will post more info in the next week!

Published: May 04 2009

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