Two Unrelated Things

Title: Two unrelated things Date: 2009-06-10 19:11 Author: eamonnfaherty Category: development Tags: Actionscript, late night hacking Slug: two-unrelated-things

I have been thinking a lot recently about the value of unit testing, doing TDD and coverage. I remember ignoring advise that test coverage was not a silver bullet. I remember reading articles explaining why but I have to admit I did not listen as much as I should have. I kept remembering a difficult code base I had to use that was unit tested whishing it was tested thinking that it would solve all my problems.

I now think a little differently. The problems I face most are broken windows and software rot. It the java world people seem to invest in code using unit tests and integration tests. This is a new philosophy in the actionscript world. Some people have embrassed this change but most haven’t. I used to think this was a bad thing but now I am unsure. I think investment in code is what really keeps it good. Developers need to buy into the code base, value it and want it to suceed. Having a high test coverge helps this but does not promote it for flash developers. This needs to be an visual thing. This is how flash developers tick. I will post more when (if) I know more.

My other point is that I am resuming my open source work more agressively than ever. Expect a good release soon!!

Published: June 10 2009

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