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I haven’t blogged for some time. I will be more active from now on (I have said that before). I have been busy planning our wedding and we are buying a house. We have been approved by the bank and we just have to sit tight and wait to do all the legal stuff.

I have been busy in the actionscript world too. I have been using asaxb and am loving it! I have also put my name down to do a talk at lfpug in October (wish me luck for that). I may post a preview here before hand. I have left my checkstyleas3 project as the almighty Joa Ebert has beat me to it. I was trying to use the flex sdk compiler modifying the asdoc configuration but he has been more successful! I think he used antlr.

I am now onto other things. I have started up a site called flashthings. I used Pligg CMS to generate the site and wrote my own Twitter login. I will post this mode soon! Here I am going to be posting peoples work that I feel are good and linking to projects that I have come across. Feel free to sign up and add some stuff too! Here I also want to build up a list of meetups in the flash world so watch that space! I also have a page which watches twitter for flash activity and posts what is going on. Beware it is unfiltered! Ha Ha.

Oh well! That is it for now. I will post more very soon!

Published: August 08 2009

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