It Is About That Time Again

Title: It is about that time again… Date: 2009-08-22 15:46 Author: eamonnfaherty Category: development Tags: about me, Actionscript, flexcover, lfpug, oauth, opensocial, pligg Slug: it-is-about-that-time-again

Hey ho!

I have been pretty busy getting ready for my lfpug talk next month. It is my first public talk at a user group and I am a little nervous! I am sure a few drinks will help me through it. I have my own page on their site too. Check it out!

I have been reading my Refactoring to Patterns book. After reading through it, Reafactoring and Design Patterns I am longing to work on a new project! Where I can put all of this good reading into use!

I have been pretty busy looking at what is going on in the world too. I am looking for a meaty project to get involved in:

I spoke to a couple of the maintainers of flexcover and they have agreed to add me as a contributor for it. I have a patch to submit but I am struggling with setting up my environment. I need to run my unit tests and build the project before I can commit.

I am also really interested in getting involved with some open social projects. There is a pretty mature AS3 api on google code. I am interested in taking that further and getting a really bullet proof setup! But, I cannot say much incase somebody steals my plans! Muhahahaha!

I am pleased to read that some people are using my pligg oauth integration hack. I am thinking about moving it over to google code. There were a few teething problems with my initial release but i think it is okay now!

And finally, and most importantly! I have been preparing for my wedding. We had a tasting a couple of weeks ago which went well! We now have the suits! And the flower girls outfits! I am having my stag on Friday, so dont expect any updates around then!! The only thing left really is sorting out our new home which seems to be going well!

Published: August 22 2009

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