Design Patterns For Actionscript 3

Title: Design Patterns for Actionscript 3 Date: 2009-10-31 19:34 Author: eamonnfaherty Category: development Tags: Actionscript, as3, design patterns, lfpug Slug: design-patterns-for-actionscript-3

I recently did my first public talk! It was at LFPUG (London Flash Platform UserGroup).

Here are the details

I think it went really well. I had some very kind feedback via email and twitter and also on the night in person!

A few people have requested that I upload the examples I used and the slides so here they are.

Over the next few weeks I am going to be posting example patterns with more information, in more depth than I did on the night.

If you want me to cover a pattern please post a comment with the pattern name and I will bump it up in the list.

Published: October 31 2009

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