Google Services What A Gem

Title: [Google Services] What a gem! Date: 2010-01-27 04:11 Author: eamonnfaherty Category: devops Tags: google apps Slug: google-services-what-a-gem

I have been using Google Apps for over a year and I love the service.

In the past year I have had about 20mins of downtime which is less than a third of the downtime I had when I paid for hosting. The service includes great spam filtering, good message labeling, secure imap and pop3 and webmail. The service is fast and very reliable. It is much better than squirrelmail.

I used Google Sites to host a website for our wedding. It was inbetween using a template service like RV Site Builder and a wiki. It was easy to assemble and looked pretty good. It has built in Google Analytics tracking support so that you do not need to edit any templates.

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Published: January 27 2010

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