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Title: My new phone! HTC Desire Date: 2010-07-17 08:20 Author: eamonnfaherty Category: misc Tags: android Slug: my-new-phone-htc-desire

I replaced (upgraded?) my iPhone for a HTC Desire.

I started off by getting annoyed at people for not having html versions of their flash sites, then I got annoyed at Apple for not allowing flash on their iPhones and then I decided to go with the internet and embrace flash. So I bought a HTC Desire.

I got my Desire about 2 months ago. It was free on a £30 / month price plan from Orange (who turned out to have a worse network than 3!).

The handset it amazing. The battery is average, the screen display is very nice and it feels really sturdy in your hand. It uses micro usb for charging so getting a charger for it is pretty easy!

I use Google Apps for my personal email/calendar/docs. When I turned on the handset I entered my details and it sync’d over the air. I had my calendar, my email and all my contact available on the go. AWESOME!

The market place app is pretty good. It doesnt have the same feeling of quality as the App Store, but that is a very minor let down. The apps themselves are a little lacking. It reminds me of when I first got my iPhone. There were very few good apps. I think that will all change when Froyois out in full bloom and when the Air App Store opens up.

I have used three different software keyboards (including ShapeWriter, which i gave up on because I couldn’t figure out how to write in caps). I am yet to try Swype.

Web browsing is soooo much better than the iPhone. The pages feel like they render quicker (I have not checked this out thoroughly so do not flame me!). When you zoom in and out of a page the text automatically reflows to fit the screen, which makes reading it much easier.

The built in music player is a little shabby to be honest. I am yet to find something as polished as iTunes. It is nice just copying MP3s over to the microSD chip though and not having to sync. Any tips on a media player would be great! :D

I have started devloping for the handset. It is easier than the iPhone as I know Java already but I will go into more detail on that soon in another post!

Published: July 17 2010

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