Django In A Peanutshell

Title: DJango in a (pea)nutshell Date: 2010-07-26 19:31 Author: eamonnfaherty Category: development Tags: django Slug: django-in-a-peanutshell

DJango is an open source MVC (or MTV) Web CMS written in Python, HTML, JS and CSS.

It uses a urls file to interpret the incoming request, separating out the params from the action, eg /customer/1/delete would be interpreted as delete customer 1.

The urls file links the request to a view function. This view function uses the model objects to modify the values in the database and then passes them onto a template. This template then displays them!

The model objects are stored in a database and are defined using python. There is not really any need to know sql. Although, I would always suggest knowing it!!!

That is it, really! There are loads of great features that I will cover soon!

I am doing my first commercial project in DJango and it is going well! I will post on it once it goes live!

Published: July 26 2010

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