Project Dirt V2 Business Analyst Technical Architect Social Networking Consultant Developer

Title: Project Dirt v2 - Business Analyst / Technical Architect / Social Networking Consultant / Social software engineering Date: 2013-01-25 15:55 Author: eamonnfaherty Category: projects Slug: project-dirt-v2-business-analyst-technical-architect-social-networking-consultant-developer

I was an agile, business value focused technical architect capturing requirements, creating solutions and helping improve business processes along the way.

I was responsible for all of the data modelling and the migration of two sites with over 5k users from an off the shelf (undocumented) Ning platform onto a bespoke Django build.

I established standards for documentation (using UML) and introduced a language the business owners used to describe their product to others - this was the business owners first development project. I introduced the concept of a backlog and held daily standups to ensure the business owners could track progress when desired.

I introduced game mechanics and social engagement circles to help increase user engagement and provided a solid platform for the business owners to continue on with. I created the ‘cluster’ feature they are using to earn revenue and I have provided suggestions of other features (at scrum story level) with revenue making suggestions.

I provisioned the whole stack - nginx, gunicorn, celery, mysql, redis, varnish-cache. I defined and implemented the caching policy - all not logged in users see the same rendered page so there are no db or django calls after the first page load until the page is edited. I wrote every line of python code the site used to go live using libraries like django-allauth, django-model-utils, django-dajax, easy-thumbnails, pybbm and django-celery.

Published: January 25 2013

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