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I have restarted my iOS development and thought how better to celebrate than writing a blog post.

iOS is the software that runs on the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and AppleTV devices.  It enables apps to be installed, removed, run etc.  It also has some utility features such as battery monitoring and display etc.

In order for a developer to have an app they have written run on iOS it must be signed using a developer certificate issued by Apple.  This signing means two things - all apps are developed by people have approved and every time you build an app is built the author of the app is verified using the certificate - so nobody can claim to be author of your app or author an app in your name.

The developer certificate is not the only thing used in the signing process.  There is a provisioning profile file used.  During development and testing apps are signed using a development provisioning profile.  This profile lists the devices the app can be installed on.  To add items to the list you must use Apples provisioning center.  When you are ready to upload your app into the App Store you have to sign your app using your distribution profile.

Once you have a signed app you can install the app on your device using iTunes.

Published: January 26 2013

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