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Description of the Work

Appsbooth wants to reimagine the most popular sites on the Internet in such a way that they work together and provide a single user experience. These sites include Google Mail, Contacts, Calendar, AnyDo, eBay, CityMapper, Uber, AirBnB, and Park At My House.

It was my role to sift through the big picture to extract a product that could be built, marketed and used to bring in revenue.

After extensive requirements analysis achieved via interviews of the stakeholder and user research I drove the delivery towards building a “personal assistant in the cloud” as a first phase.

The concept was to create an application consisting of a Calendar, ToDo manager and Addressbook that worked together in harmony and allowed us to collect data. The application was to provide the user with a predictive user experience, driven by research I led into mental models and behavior analysis. Once there was enough data collected on the users we were going to mine the data to drive recommendations to sell goods and services through direct sales and affiliate channels.

Before starting the project I had to build prototypes/tests to prove the components of the application could work together and that we could mine the data.

I led the UX process. I identified the target audience of self-employed/independently contracting professionals aged 24 – 35 and conducted interviews to understand the lifestyle and their visual preferences. I explored the mental models and contexts building up some example scenarios for the user’s day to understand what we could predict and how could the application could be of assistance to them.

Once complete, I initiated the kick off of the feature with the rest of the team. I ran workshops where I presented initial versions of the feature through discussions, wireframes and conceptual models – explaining the user value and the business opportunity that it would bring.

I then worked with the visual designer providing prioritized lists of elements that had to be on screen at a given time. I continued to work with the visual designer throughout. Providing positive feedback and questioning design decisions on layout, input method choices and language – always drawing on the brand guidelines as a base.

I led on branding, hiring and managing external designers to explore ideas that we tested internally. I managed external designers supplying mood boards, brand guidelines and lo fidelity sketches.

Key Responsibilities

  • Requirements analysis using UML
  • Data modeling using UML
  • SOA architecture using Python and Docker
  • Server provisioning using Fabric and Docker
  • Template integration
  • Backend programming using Django
  • Javascript programming with AngularJS
  • Recruitment
  • Mentoring
  • Backlog management

Technical Solution


I built an initial proof of concept service oriented architecture. Each service was built using nginx, gunicorn, django and ran in a docker container. I used postgres databases for the services that needed a persistent layer and I used elasticsearch to power search. The provisioning and building of servers was fully automated using fabric and docker.


I worked closely with the javascript developer who was tasked with the building of the frontend web and mobile applications using AngularJS. I guided him through building reusable components using hologram and creating automated builds and deploys for web and mobile applications.


I built the following prototypes:

  • Twilio – API integration creating accounts, provisioning mobile numbers, making calls and sending SMS.
  • Email scraping – API integration with gmail, using OAUTH/IMAP to sync emails and plain IMAP for others
  • Addressbook scraping – API integration with gmail, using OAUTH/IMAP to sync emails and plain IMAP for others
  • CARDDAV – API integration with gmail and using OAUTH/IMAP
  • NLP – reading emails to understand their purpose

Published: December 09 2014

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