Startup X Under Nda

Title: Startup X - Under NDA Date: 2014-12-09 11:19 Author: eamonnfaherty Category: projects Slug: startup-x-under-nda

Description of the Work

Startup X wanted to build an online labour marketplace.  It was my role to understand the requirements, build data models and create a custom build django web app.  The project is not fully live and so I cannot write about it.  If you would like to know more about what I was doing please get in touch.

Key Responsibilities

  • Requirements analysis using UML
  • Data modelling using UML
  • Server provisioning using Fabric
  • Template integration
  • Backend programming using Django
  • Javascript programming
  • Stripe payment integration
  • LinkedIn API integration

Technical Solution

I used nginx, gunicorn, django to serve the application.  I used postgres to store the application data.  I used elasticsearch to power the search functionality on the site and I used the excellent sentry for exception monitoring.



Matching clients who want to pay for work to people who are willing and able to do the work is at the core of platform x.  This was built using elasticsearch and custom python code.  I made use of field and model boosts, as well as some custom logic written in python.


The currency of platform X is hours.  Each hour has a purchase price, current price and a history of owners.  This enables to the owner of platform X to calculate liabilities and to ensure price changes will not cause a loss of earnings.  This was the most rewarding part of the project for me.

Published: December 09 2014

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